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Our WC replacement works comply with all the Singapore Statutory requirements including but not limiting to the following:


  1. Sewerage and Drainage (Sanitary Works and Sewerage Works) Regulations.

Any person carrying out, or who causes to be carried out, any sanitary works shall ensure that the sanitary works are carried out in accordance with the Code of Practice

No person shall install, or cause or permit to be installed, any water closet pan, urinal, bidet or similar sanitary appliance in any premises unless the applicable condition are satisfied

No person shall use any sanitary appliances, pipes or fittings in any sanitary works unless —

  • the appliances, pipes or fittings are certified under any product certification scheme approved by the Board for the purposes of this regulation; or
  • the Board has given its approval for the appliances, pipes or fittings to be used in the sanitary works.


  1. Code of practice on sewerage and sanitary works (2nd EDITION – JAN 2019)


  1. Mandatory Water Efficiency Labelling (Mandatory WELS).


From 1 Jan 2022, MWELS shall be extended to include WC flush valves with a flush volume of not more than 4.0 litres per flush, and only WC flush valves of 2-ticks ratings or more shall be allowed for supply.


  1. Demerit points system for Licensed Plumbers (Sanitary Works)

Our Licensed Plumbers are subjected to this system, for examples:

  • Carry out unsatisfactory sanitary works leading to public
    health concerns. Penalty Points: 5
  • Install sanitary appliances, pipes and fittings etc. not complying with PUB’s standard and requirements. Penalty Points: 5
  • If any licensed plumber accumulates a total of 10 points or more within a period of 3 months, he will be suspended from carrying out regulated works for a period of 6 months from date of notification.


  1. Public Utilities (Regulated Works and WSI Design Works) Regulations 2018.

These Regulations come into operation on 1 April 2018.


$ 449

Per Set with Installation.
  • Close-Coupled (2-Piece)
  • Efficient Direct Flush Design
  • Robust Mechanism
  • Soft Close Seat and Cover
  • Suitable for small spaces
  • with Installation and warranty
Toilet Bowl replacement

High quality toilet bowl with professional installation by PUB Licensed Plumber. (Market rate for a package by an Unlicensed handyman $300)

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$ 499

Per Set with Installation.
  • Modern 1-Piece Construction
  • Rimless Design
  • Geberit (Switzerland) Mechanism
  • UF Soft Closing Seat and Cover
  • Suitable for tall and mighty
  • With Installation and warranty
Geberit flushing Rimless

Rimless WC with Geberit flushing. Professional installation by PUB Licensed Plumber. (Market rate for a package by an Unlicensed handyman $350)

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$ 549

Per Set with Installation.
  • Latest 1-Piece Construction
  • Rimless Design
  • Geberit (Switzerland) Mechanism
  • UF Soft Closing Seat and Cover
  • Suitable for small spaces
  • With Installation and warranty
Geberit flushing

Latest Rimless WC with Geberit flushing. Professional installation by PUB Licensed Plumber. (Market rate for a package by Unlicensed handyman $390)

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Rimless Design

For plus and Premium sets only.

A perfect design for the highest degree of cleanliness.

Tested to remove 100 mothballs in a single flush with just 4.5L of water
Powerful swirl to evacuate both heavy and light waste.

Geberit (Switzerland) Mechanism

For Plus and Premium set only.


Dual flush technology
4.5 L for full flush, 2.5 L for small flush

Excellent water outlet design
high flushing speed 2.8~3 L/S

Maximum flushing performance, minimum water usage
Water-efficient system with PUB WELS rating: 2-tick

Geberit Flush Valve

UF Soft Closing Seat and Cover

For Plus and Premium Sets only.

UF stands for Urea-Formaldehyde Thermoset

The thermoset material is harder to scratch
-Very easy to clean
-A high quality material and aesthetically looks like ceramic
-Resistant against cigarette burns.
-Heavier and sounds more deep and less”plastic”.

S-Trap WC Installation

The most common WC configuration in Singapore. 6-inch being the most popular and 10-inch is the next.

P-Trap WC Installation

This configuration is mostly found in the older condominium, it is less popular now.

P-Trap WC used in a S-trap Bathroom

A Long shape pan connector or Discharge elbow is used. Many of the European brands comes only with P-Trap configuration. Since most of the new-builds come in S-Trap, this is the only way.

Geberit Cistern repair and wall hung toilet replacement specialist

Since opening in 2001, we have been involved in numberous repair works of concealed cisterns for brands like Geberit, Keramag, Roca, Duravit and Toto etc..

Recently, there has been high in demand in replacing the Geberit pneumatic flush system complete with the flush plate, flush discharge valve, actuator and air hoses. Option of upgrading it from a Single to dual flush is available.

In the event that the toilet has started to leak, cracked or dislodged from the mounting, we have various choices of bowls from Geberit RimFree toilets, tornado flush and other options to chose from.

Do call us to check for availability on urgent same day repair and wc replacement .

All installations are done only by Homeone employees. We do not sub-contract the works out to a third party as good service and quality of work is of very importance to us.

All our technicians are trained by our own senior plumber and Licensed Plumber. They are to go through a long period of on-the-job training before starting to do it on their own.

They are certified by BCA and with over 10 years of Singapore working experience. We have an engineer to ensure quality execution of works while our PUB Licensed Plumber ensures compliance with the code.

1-year on-site warranty for parts and workmanship

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