Replacement of a storage heater at HDB Flat in Toa Payoh.


Existing Heater Joven 25L reported to have tripped the MCB whenever turned on. Water has been found in the circuit board/heating element compartment. Possible ingress of water has accumulated water in the compartment causing the short circuit.

The existing heater has IP21 rating, liquid protection is by definition “Protected against vertically falling drops of water. Limited Ingress permitted”

The previous installation pipe works have missing key elements like an approved stop valve, double check valve and a drainpipe to the pressure relief valve outlet etc. In addition, placing the pipes under the waste pipe is a violation.


Customer has selected Rheem EHG30. IP rating IP24, liquid protection is “Protect water splash from all directions. Limited Ingress Permitted. This is 3 notches better than IP21.

Installation is in accordance with manufacturer’s specification. Such will comply with PUB.

We have turn the heater around to face the opposite side so to avoid being under the waste pipes. However, the storage is still under. We have build a protect layer placed above the tank to comply with PUB code.

Our Licensed has supervised and approved the installation.

There is a 1-year warranty by Homeone for this installation on top of the warranty provided by Rheem.