BTO Water Heater SGD590 Package

1. Supply of Heater & Parts

2. Installation (According to PUB)

3. PUB Authorisation Letter.

4. Full Warranty

BTO Showroom
BTO Water Heater

Option 1: Ariston 25L BTO

Ariston 25L BTO



Option 2: Rheem 25L BTO

Rheem 25L BTO
CNA Water Heater Homeone Presented on CNA Talking Point

Homeone on CNA Talking Point

  • CNA – Hidden Dangers Of Water Heaters
  • Talking Point – How safe is your water heater
PUB Submission

PUB Submission

PUB Approval Letter For Storage Water Heater Installation.

This letter means that PUB has a record of this heater replacement job it is authorized.

BTO Water Heater  Project Showcase

1. Storage Water Heater Supply

2. Storage Water Heater Installation

3. Fitting and Parts comply with PUB

4. Piping Work

5. Testing and Commission. Submission to PUB

6. Clean Up Before Leaving

7. PUB Aproval Letter

BTO Water Heater